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Darlene Ondi | Getting out of the dumps

Women Entrepreneurs HQ Episode 45 (AMCE 45)

I met Darlene when I joined the Braveheart Women network a few weeks after I was invited to be on Ellie Drake’s show (which was tapped at the end of May 2011).

Darlene was the one coordinating the Braveheart Women Meet and Greets in cities across North America and it’s because of her that I attended their Toronto gathering.

During the Braveheart Women Meet and Greet Ellie invited a number of women who had helped her organize the event share their stories.

I have to say that I was floored and jaw-dropped when Darlene shared her story and could not believe how far this woman had travelled from where she was to the woman standing in front of me.

11-11-11 Event BraveHeart Women Rise 2011 with Darlene Ondi

11-11-11 is a special day!

Did you know that it only comes once a decade? The last 11-11-11 was November 11th, 1911!

This November, 11th 2011 (a decade later) a group of women will reunite in Los Angeles, California to support each other in their personal and business growth.

This event is organized by none other than Ellie Drake, founder of Braveheart Women!

Rise 2011 happens during the first week of November and Ellie Drake is putting out all the stops to make this millennium day a HUGE event for all the participants.